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1. Do I see you through my heart or through my head? HDIFAT?

2. Have I ever called in sick to work just to get time off? HDIFAT?

3. When have we affected another couple by sharing our story? HDIFAT?

4. Do I let my low self-esteem get in the way of accepting God's love for me? HDIFAT?

5. In what aspect of my relationship with my people have I grown the most? HDIFAT?

6. What do we do to help the nearby poor? HDIFAT?

7. HDIF about watching TV during mealtime?

8. Do we plan days just for us on our calendar? HDIFAT?

9. HDIF about putting you first when our children are so demanding?

10. HDIF when we leave our children for a few days?

11. God made you a part of my life. HDIFAT?

12. HDIF when we miss dialogue for several days or weeks?

13. What need of mine am I most aware of as needing to be nourished? HDIFAT?

14. How do I behave when I am not satisfied with the food or service at a restaurant? HDIFAT?

15. If I could travel anywhere in the world, where would I go, and why? HDIFAT?

16. What do I enjoy doing for the public good? HDIFAT?

17. Intimacy is a challenge to forge our future together. HDIFAT?

18. The couple that has most helped me to experience God's love is (or was) _____. HDIFAT?

19. HDIF about the time we spend with my family?

20. What expectations do I have for involvement in Encounter / Retrouvaille? Are they being met? HDIFAT?

21. I felt closest to you this week when _____. HDIFAT?

22. What have you done recently to express your commitment to me? HDIFAT?

23. HDIF knowing this could be your last day to live?

24. HDIF when you call me by my pet name?

25. Do I run more on a schedule, or just take things as they come? HDIFAT?

26. HDIF about the role God played in my vows?

27. HDIF about being a year older each birthday?

28. Are we a supercouple? HDIFAT?

29. What expectations do I have of your family? HDIFAT?

30. HDIF when you work late?

31. How good am I at loving when I am not feeling loved?

32. I smiled today when I thought about _____. HDIFAT?

33. HDIF when I make a decision but someone has a different idea?

34. HDIF when I am around positive people?

35. HDIF when I am blamed for something that is not my fault?

36. HDIF about taking on extra work to advance my career?

37. HDIF when I find a love note packed in my sandwich?

38. HDIF about our daughter being a priest / pastor / nun?

39. Beside yours, what friendship has meant the most to me this week? HDIFAT?

40. When was the last time we went to a marriage enrichment experience? HDIFAT?

41. HDIF about my attitudes about sex?

42. What do I see as our greatest asset as a couple? HDIFAT?

43. When do I feel most alone? HDIFAT?

44. How do I love thee? HDIFAT?

45. What part of the day would I most like to share with my people? HDIFAT?

46. What is it about our sexual relationship that I do not like? HDIFAT?

47. Of the memories I formed while experiencing the weekend, which is most pleasant and why? HDIFAT?

48. HDIF about our son being a priest / pastor?

49. When I pray, do I listen? HDIFAT?

50. What special memory do I have when I look at old family photos? HDIFAT?