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Dialogue Questions

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1. HDIF when we do not dialogue regularly?

2. What was the most tender moment we shared together this week? HDIFAT?

3. What family values do I most want to pass on? HDIFAT?

4. How well do I listen to my people when they talk about finances? HDIFAT?

5. What negative attitudes or behaviors do I display during difficult situations? HDIFAT?

6. What expectations do I have of our children? Are they being met? HDIFAT?

7. HDIF when I am blamed for something that is my fault?

8. Describe a time when I felt abused. HDIFAT?

9. HDIF when I am not open with you?

10. Do I talk to myself? HDIFAT?

11. HDIF when you hug me after a rough day?

12. What causes the most friction between us? HDIFAT?

13. What is it about death that frightens me the most? HDIFAT?

14. Do our arguments get resolved to my satisfaction? HDIFAT?

15. HDIF when you light candles?

16. Do I avoid change in myself? HDIFAT?

17. What are your best qualities? HDIFAT?

18. Do I let people know often enough how much I appreciate the things they do? HDIFAT?

19. If I died without a chance to see my people, what would I wish I could have told them? HDIFAT?

20. Do I get along with my parents? HDIFAT?

21. After a fight: What issues still persist? HDIFAT?

22. HDIF about continuing in a sharing or support group?

23. HDIF on a date with you?

24. HDIF about revealing the Father to you?

25. Here are the things I like most about you: _____. HDIFAT?

26. HDIF about re-evaluating how we spend our time?

27. Describe a time when I felt determined. HDIFAT?

28. HDIF about God being the one who brought us together?

29. Do I really trust you enough to take a risk in dialogue? HDIFAT?

30. Do I ever take unfair advantage of our love? HDIFAT?

31. HDIF when I realize we cannot give our children the best of everything?

32. What are my memories of our first year of marriage? HDIFAT?

33. What do I feel most inadequate about in sex? HDIFAT?

34. Do I prefer drama or comedy? HDIFAT?

35. HDIF when I laugh at you?

36. Am I willing to open myself up other people besides you? HDIFAT?

37. Do I see myself as a temple of the Holy Spirit? HDIFAT?

38. Do we limit our fights to a single issue? HDIFAT?

39. What would other people say is my worst habit? HDIFAT?

40. HDIF about your involvement with work?

41. What do I see as your best quality? HDIFAT?

42. If I could give you one thing for Christmas, it would be _____. HDIFAT?

43. HDIF when we go through the family album together?

44. How can assumptions hurt our relationship? HDIFAT?

45. HDIF about attending a graduation ceremony?

46. After a fight: How can we make up? HDIFAT?

47. What values do I hold that I would like the world to see? HDIFAT?

48. HDIF about teaching our children to cook?

49. HDIF about switching to low fat milk? Using less salt? Eating less red meat?

50. HDIF when you say, If you really loved me, you would do this?