Back from Betrayal

We were that couple that everyone thought had it all.  Success, great kids, great house, luxury cars, frequent travel, etc.  We were the picture postcard of the perfect standard to shoot for, and we even had what everyone believed to be the ideal marriage.  Everyone we knew thought we were "the lucky ones."

Nobody knew our dark secret.  To keep up that life, we worked countless hours, seven days a week, and spent long periods of time apart chasing that financial dream, and supporting that facade on our lives... until it all came crashing down on us.   Our marriage was unsustainable as we grew further and further apart.  We were like business partners that lived together, and that effected everything.

We reached a breaking point, and knew that we had to let it all go.   We had both broken so many of our marriage vows and one of us broke "the big one".

Attending our Retrouvaille weekend was absolutely amazing for us.  Suddenly, there we were with couples that understood.  These presenting couples shed a light on our marriage that we wish we had seen a decade prior, and helped us understand what really mattered in life.  We opened up and learned things about each other that we had been completely unaware of.  As the name Retrouvaille means in French, we truly "rediscovered" one another... and even ourselves.

We can honestly say that despite the years of keeping up a facade while we were miserable, it was all worth it.  Retrouvaille brought our marriage to a place where we could truly heal, forgive, and trust.  No marriage therapist asking how something makes us feel, "telling" us what to do.  No group therapy asking us to reveal our private lives to strangers.  It was all about us, and it was a true miracle.

Did it help us?  To say yes would be an understatement.  It helped us achieve a relationship that is now better than it was when we were first married.  Something we never thought possible.

-M & P – Tampa, Florida

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